About Us

Fill Lake Bridgeport (FLB) is about a political Action Organization with its Primary goal to attract attention concerning Water Levels at Lake Bridgeport, Texas, compared to the other sister TRWD system lakes. Current and historical lake levels range from 12-15 feet  low , while the other sister Lakes maintain 1-5 feet low in the peak summer season. The old saying, “I JUST CANT TAKE IT ANY MORE” rings very loud when watching the huge discrepancies between sister lakes. Basically, Lake Bridgeport is drained every year causing major ecologically and monetary losses to the area.  Lake Bridgeport users, residents, business, and supporters have simply given up as their words go on deaf ears. TRWD is a government entity that is complicated, hard to reach and governs itself in a manor inconsistent with fairness and equality, especially in regards to Lake Levels.