Major Effects:

  • Property values are plummeting
  • Business are losing revenue
  • Water quality is VERY poor in much of the lake
  • Wild life is moving on to find more habitable locations
  • Boaters risk injury or are getting stranded

Additional Effects:

  • The water is BROWN and uninviting
  • Lake users only have one boat ramp open
  • Boat docks are on the rocks suffering damage
  • The city and surrounding counties are losing tax dollars
  • Schools are receiving less funding due to less tax dollars
  • and visitors refuse to return due to the terrible conditions

TRWD, in effect, confiscated the property making up Bridgeport Lake through condemnation. This leaves a huge loss to the communities and tax revenues to the cities, schools, and counties for centuries.

This was done with the intention of benefiting overall the public health, warfare and safety… unfortunately, this has not been equally shared between the benefiting cities and counties.