Bridgeport Lake is down around 18 FEET while some lakes are only inches low. Why is Bridgeport Lake being drained for other lakes when it is clearly too low?

As of today’s writing lake levels are:

Bridgeport 817.92 -18.08
Eagle Mountain
645.44 -3.66
Richland-Chambers 308.52 -6.48
Cedar Creek 318.25 -3.75
Arlington 549.31 -0.69
Benbrook 691.64 -2.36
Lake Worth 591.04 -2.96

Bridgeport Lake has one of the smallest recovery basins of all the lakes. This means it takes substantially more rain to fill than do the other lakes.

Lake Bridgeport is still being drained and at this time is scheduled to keep being drained until August.

The downstream lakes are typically kept full for the summer months when their residents and users are most apt to use the lakes. This is in direct conflict with the primary purpose of flood control as when the downstream lakes are full the lakes have no capacity to serve as retention, thus actually causing flooding.

Here is a rainfall chart with a current water level chart of Bridgeport Lake. When receiving rain the water levels are STILL being lowered because of massive draining.

Rainfall History:

Bridgeport Lake Level:

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