• The solution despite TRWD’s desire to resist interference and input is SIMPLE. Make all lake elevation differences (percentage wise) the same. If one lake is down 20% then manage the others to 20%.
  • The Solution is to NOT drain Lake Bridgeport for the benefit of downstream sister lakes, and its residents and its users.

On each of my calls I have heard literally hundreds of excuses and reasons why anything and everything is not possible, usually before I finish my statement.

Restrictions were placed on TRWD to limit the amount of water release on Lake Bridgeport by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). This limits the amount of water that can be taken yearly from the lake based on the historical rainfall of the lakes recovery area.

Unfortunately, TRWD uses this early in the year so they get all the allocation by year end, so if Lake Bridgeport does not recover TRWD can start taking water all over again in January. So recovery becomes more difficult every year. This was not the intent of the restriction, it was meant as environmental management tool, so abuse would not occur.

Additionally, the “Dry Line” has moved north of Lake Bridgeport, therefore it rains less than in past years, making it more difficult for the Lake to recover.………. the formula needs to be adjusted.

How you can make a difference…